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if ur sad do not fear friend i am sending puppies to help u


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"I’m an adult, but not like a real adult"

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I cannot sleep
I have been in the hospital with Jase
He needs surgery on his spine
This reclining chair requires more weight to keep it reclined than I have to offer
It is cold
The man on the other side of the curtain is an old fat black man from the sounds and words I have heard
He has had some sort of surgery on his neck/throat
He wet himself and now they are cleaning him up
Putting off giving him his pain meds
This is a place without dignity
I cannot sleep I am witnessing all of it
Watching my baby sleep
Hearing the whistle of his breath
Against the distant sound of beeping monitors
And the occasional moans of pain from the man behind the curtain
I cannot sleep



if i had a dime for everytime an adult man made me feel uncomfortable


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